About Our Facilities

We are blessed to have our Center United Methodist Church buildings since our inception in 1894. The Church has moved from it's original location, but has been at it's current spot since 1926. To read more about the church's history, be sure to visit our dedicated Church History page. Today, our campus consists of the Sanctuary, Church Offices, Sunday School Classrooms, our multi-purpose fellowship hall and the recently constructed Christian Fellow Center (or CFC). From Youth Events to Pickin 'n Grinnin' we are fortunate to have the facilities in order to meet, worship and fellowship.

Center also features a full Cemetery and Columbarium, located just a short drive down Center Church road.

For more information regarding our Facilities, including any questions related to the buildings, please contact our pastor Mitch Wilson, or by calling the office at 336-731-6616. Important building documentation can be found below.
Calendar for all Center UMC Facilities


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