Coronavirus Updates at Center

• All events are cancelled.

• The Office is open daily from 9AM until 2PM. Please call (336)731-6616 if we can assist you in any fashion.

• You are the church not the building. Call or text other members and offer encouragement. Take time to pray for each other. Especially our seniors.

• Stay tuned to this page for future updates!

• There will be weekly live feeds from the pastor each Wednesday. These will be posted on Facebook and the website.

• We will have a drive-up worship experience each Sunday at 8:45AM and 11:00 AM in the parking lot. Please stay in your cars with your family. We will be able to tune our car radio to 93.5 and listen. (If all goes well) Remember the 6ft. rule of social distancing. Those services will be streamed as well.

• Both Pastor Eddie and Pastor Mitch will deliver messages each Sunday along with live music.

• If you need a Pastor Mitch and Eddie will make doorstep visits and share from the yard scripture and prayer. For all concerned: The pastors will not go in the home.

• Look for creative ways to reach out to your neighbor.

• You can make your offerings to the church on the church website and by mail: PO BOX 179, Welcome, N.C. 27374

• We are updating the phone tree as well for all our people. Please provide a current phone number if the office does not have one for you.

• In all these rapidly changing times just remember JESUS IS LORD!



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